Friday, 21 August 2015

Introducing "Lorwall International Group of Company" Partnership Program...

Lorwall International Group of Company (LIGC) is a new face of Lorwall International Company(LIC) in which several qualified Companies/Organizations are affiliated to ensure development,expansion and  optimum satisfaction of the customers and the whole people at large.

Lorwall International Company is introducing a partnership program in which organization/company can conjoin with the activities of the company.

This partnership program will be base on agreement between the both companies /organizations which will be put in place before the commencement of the program.
Interested companies/organization will register with the link provided below to sign up


As a tree can not make a forest, LIGC is a channel for every companies/organization to optimize their resources and achieve there goals. 

Welcome to LIGC where you can boast your business and move to the next level.

At LIGC, we see nothing but a possibility of making life easy for everyone.

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