Thursday, 20 August 2015

About Lorwall International Company

 Lorwall International Company

Lorwall International Company is an organization established by a young entrepreneur ADELOWO  AYODEJI EMMANUEL several years back to ease the accessibility of people to their various needs in both products and services. The organization started on a small scale range but over the years, the company has grown to an international company.

The primary aim of this company is to make life easy for everyone, both young, old, rich and the poor by getting their needs at their door step without difficulty at  CHEAPER PRICE.

Even when the cash is available, most people find it difficult and stressful to get what they need at particular time, therefore this organization creates a channel in which an individual,cooperate body and the society can have quick access to needs(either products or services).

LIC is a organization established to meet the needs of the people.It comprises of two sections:

* Automobiles: cars,motorcycles...
* Gadgets: phones,tablets,computers,flash drives and their accessories.
* Electronics: televisions,video,iron,blenders...
* Agriculture implements...
* Clothing: shirts,trouser,jean,polo,ties,shoes (both male and female)
* Accessories: wristwatches,jewelries...
* Cosmetics
* Building materials.....
* A lots more

* Automobile repair
* Laundry and general cleaning
* Home-call cab
* Meal delivery
* Errand services
* Hair-do, make-ups
* Fashion designing
* survey and architectural works

* Motivational speech 
* online services
and a lots more......

MTN:             08139737934
 ETISALAT:   08174463878